The Chemo Experience

    My name is Connie. I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in January, 2012. In February, surgeons performed a radical mastectomy of my left breast and removed 20 cancerous lymph nodes. Afterwards, I started massive doses of chemotherapy from March until October 2012.

    I was one of the unfortunate patients whom, as a side effect, could not keep anything that I ate down, did not feel like eating and started losing weight rapidly. The oncology doctor tried several medications but none were effective in helping my appetite. I have been a type I diabetic for 53 years; therefore this created a real dilemma. The thought or smell of food made me nauseous. Anything that I managed to eat tasted “metallic”, bitter or like cardboard.

    My niece Kim & her husband Bill are from Miami and they heard of a tree that produced fruit called “Miracle Fruit”. The berries were said to help cancer patients taking chemotherapy, to help them to “taste” food again. We were a little skeptical, but considering the alternatives, we thought; “why not try them?”

    Bless their hearts, they purchased a “Miracle Fruit” tree and began sending me berries overnight. I took one or two; thirty minutes before each meal.  Miracle of miracles, they worked! I was able to taste & enjoy food again! Kim & Bill continued to send the berries so that I would not run out. I was able to eat and slowly began gaining my normal weight back. I am convinced that these berries were the only thing that got me through my chemotherapy.

    These berries are truly a “Miracle Fruit” that can benefit many patients suffering the side effects of chemotherapy.


Connie Courtney *

Springfield, Ohio


Your farm gave some samples of the Miraculous tablets to Winchester Hospital in Massachusetts where my husband is being treated. I can not thank you enough for your generosity or express in words how grateful I am that they actually helped my husband taste food again. He would not eat and was losing so much weight. What a godsend! I am going to order three boxes for him and a case for Winchester Hospital so they can give them to others in need. Thank you again. Simply amazing product.

R. Maher

Saugus, MA*

John Theurer.png

I have used the Miracle Fruit Farm’s tabs with patients currently undergoing concurrent chemo-RT for head and neck cancer that have lost their sense of taste. This is the first time I have had any positive response regarding a product for taste changes. The patient response has been tremendous!

Robin McConnell, MS, RD, CSO

John Theurer Cancer Center

Hackensack, NJ

We bought these for my mother in law who has lost her sense of taste and she says that she can finally taste food. Awesome product.

Jonathan Hernandez

Kissimmee, FL*

Miraculous bundle.jpg

Miraculous indeed. I bought this product to help a friend get through her treatment. She said everything tasted terrible after her chemo and she was losing a lot of weight. When it arrived, I took it to her house and made her spaghetti. We both took a tablet right before eating and what happened next was nothing short of a miracle. She not only ate, but ate two helpings. The spaghetti tasted to her as it should, and mine was sweeter and bolder. Simply incredible!

Cynthia Hassel

Miami, FL*

Miracle Fruit blister pack.JPG

My nutritionist recommended these tablets to me to help with my loss of taste in hopes it would stimulate my appetite. They worked wonderfully, especially with main courses that included sauces. Other things like fruit and desserts worked great too. The label on the box reminds you which foods are best.

Stephen Power

Brooklyn, NY*

What a godsend! I just started my chemo and it is simply amazing how this works. It is a great thing that your company is doing and I would recommend you to anybody.

Marron Smith

Reseda, CA*

I didn't think a fruit in tablet form would be so effective. My sense of taste and smell have been steadily going downhill over the last few years. I heard about Miracle Fruit on the internet and figured I would give it a try. This tablet helped me taste my wife's lasagna for the first time in years. Didn't do anything for my smell. But nevertheless; this is pretty impressive.

Becky Fitch

Atlanta, GA*

  Anyone who is dealing with cancer, directly or indirectly, should read this article in Saturday's Herald.…/homestead/article122716684.html


   From personal experience during chemotherapy, I can attest that consuming Miracle Fruit prior to eating temporarily eliminated the unpleasant taste in my mouth and made it possible for me to ACTUALLY WANT to eat. 

Denise B.

College Station, TX

December 25, 2016*

   On behalf of Soroptimist International of Homestead we wish to thank you for your most generous donation of miracle fruit for our Baskets of Care for cancer patients undergoing chemo. We have had rave reviews from these ladies about the fruit's ability to eliminate their usual metallic taste. We are truly grateful for your kindness.


Our Soroptimist members *

     My friend Enrique has been battling cancer that began in the prostate 4 years ago and has developed in his bones over the last year.  The latest round of chemotherapy is a very aggressive one and he shared he had no desire to eat due to the metallic taste left in his mouth by the medicine.  The lack of nutrition not only made him physically weak but emotionally hopeless as well.  To deal with and beat cancer one has to have the energy and will to fight daily.  I brought to him a package of the Miracle Fruit that Heather was resourceful enough to find late on a weekday afternoon even though all the fruit was spoken for.  

    Enrique reached out to me the very next day to tell me how effective the Miracle Fruit had been in eliminating the metallic taste and making it possible to once again eat.  Equally as important was his state of mind and fresh outlook that also made his wife glad to be able to successfully nourish him. With much prayer we hope he will be cancer free someday, and your Miracle Fruit is making his journey there possible.  


Thank you so much,

Cesar Espinosa, Captain/PIO *

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue                                                                                                                                                                            

They absolutely did the job. Mom hadn't eaten in 6 weeks and was eating 5 minutes after the berry.

 Tom Sawyer *

Wildwood, NJ

    The best description I always give is what one of my patient's described when he ordered pizza. He didn't know if he was eating the pizza or the box. The main concern is that the brain remembers tastes that are not pleasant and subsequently the patient starts avoiding those foods. The downside is that this leads to further weight loss and nutritional deficiencies. The results my patients have experienced using miracle fruit have been nothing short of remarkable.          

Dr. Mike Cusnir

Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center

Miami Beach, Florida*


    Thank you so much for the miracle fruit for our friend in the business that has cancer. This has greatly helped him eat and gain the weight back.


June Ward *

Miami, FL

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2015 and started treatment in April.  During the summer I lost my taste buds and developed a metallic taste, taking away any desire for food.  A friend had learned of this and offered to have some Miracle Fruit sent to me.  He had learned of this at Rotary in the Miami area.  I used the fruit as directed to coat my tongue shortly before meals.

    It worked beautifully!

    I wanted to let you know how much of an improvement it made in how food tasted and my quality of life.  Thanks for making a difference when I needed it the most.

Leila Cohen *

North Bethesda, MD

Mrs. Tietig,

   Thank you so much for the Miracle Fruit. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. I gave it to my mom who was having trouble eating and it did help alleviate the effects of the chemo. Once again thank you. I can't put into words how much this means to both of us.

Nancy Quintana, *

Homestead, FL

   If you can't eat because everything tastes bitter, and miracle fruit gives you back your taste for a meal, what's it worth? It's worth everything! We thought it was wonderful and told a lot of people.

Terry Bleechman *

Miami, Fl

The Low Cal, Low Carb Diet

   "I never cared for sugar free drinks, but after a miracle fruit they are better than the real thing. I cut out over 1,000 liquid calories a day by eating these great fruit and switching to sugar free Red Bull and unsweet tea."

- Valerie Daniels *

Miami Beach, FL

Helps with Bitter Pills

Hi MJ,


    I just want to thank you so much for sending your Miracle Fruit to me.

    Going through chemotherapy is not a piece of cake and anything that helps you get through all of the various side effects is a blessing.  Fortunately, I do not have the horrible side effect of nausea nor the metallic taste that so many chemo patients complain of that makes it difficult to eat.  I have been using the Miracle Fruit to get down the nasty prednisone pills that had been leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth for a couple of hours.  I no longer dread taking these pills since the Miracle Fruit removes all of that bitter aftertaste right away.

    I have been spreading the word about Miracle Fruit to everyone going through chemo when I hear them saying that they are not able to eat and are losing too much weight.  They are all very interested when I tell them how it works and now I can refer them directly to your new website.  I actually have my own plant now too.

    This is such a great service for chemo patients.  I hope it catches on, and catches on fast!

Thanks again,

Candy Ware *

Orlando, FL

1 Dram Vial (rev).JPG

Purchased this for an 8th grader's Science Fair project - she won first place!

Melanie Baker *

Front Royal, VA

    On March 26, 2016 our Education Committee Chair, Sarah Paquette, hosted the ACS Georgia Section's  booth at the Atlanta Science Festival Exploration Expo along with a group of seventh and eighth grade students from the Wood Acres School. The students presented a demonstration on the science of taste. Participants tasted fresh cut lemons and then chewed on a Miracle Berry which coats taste receptors and makes sour foods taste sweet. The participants then tasted another fresh cut lemon which amazingly, tasted like sweet lemonade! The booth reached more than 500 expo attendees and was a huge hit. Thank you, again, for helping students’ science dreams become reality!

Sarah Paquette *

Science Director  •  The Wood Acres School

Education Chair, GA Section  •  The American Chemical Society

Middle School Ambassador  •  American Association of Chemistry Teachers


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