The Tietig's left to right: Erik, Heather, Mary Jo, and Kris

The Tietig's left to right: Erik, Heather, Mary Jo, and Kris

Welcome to our Farm!

The Miracle Fruit Farm is dedicated to supplying the highest quality berries and berry products to wholesale and retail customers throughout the continental United States.

Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) is a berry born on a small shrub native to Ghana, Africa. The fruit contains a unique glycoprotein called miraculin that alters the signals sent to the brain from the taste receptors. The effects are experienced by moving the pleasant tasting fruit over the tongue and then discarding the seed. For up to an hour all bitter and sour flavors will be masked and everything consumed will taste sweet. The fruit are commonly used as a novelty, but they are also valuable for medicinal and dietary purposes as well. 

Miracle Fruit can mask the metallic flavor food gets after a chemo treatment, thereby acting somewhat like an appetite stimulant. By eliminating that intense metallic flavor the overwhelming sense of nausea and aversion to food vanishes. Chemo patients are able to enjoy a simple meal after using a Miracle Fruit, and this can help improve quality of life, reverse unwanted weight loss, and help speed recovery.

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"These berries are truly a “Miracle Fruit” that can benefit many patients suffering the side effects of chemotherapy. I am convinced that these berries were the only thing that got me through my chemotherapy."

‑ Connie Courtney, Springfield, Ohio

Miracle Fruit can help diabetics and dieters naturally reduce or even eliminate their sugar intake without sacrificing their favorite foods, drinks, or desserts. It is not an artificial sweetener. It is an all natural way to enjoy sweet flavors and keep blood glucose levels in the target range without the risk of overloading with unwanted carbohydrates. 

Tommy, Ricky, and 65 lbs of fresh picked fruit.

"I never cared for sugar free drinks, but after a miracle fruit they are better than the real thing. I cut out over 1,000 liquid calories a day by eating these great fruit and switching to sugar free Red Bull and unsweet tea."

‑ Valerie Daniels, Miami Beach, Florida

If you are not familiar with our product, then please take a moment and read the incredible testimonials. The uses are truly limited only by one’s imagination, but the benefits to chemo patients in particular are nothing short of miraculous. If you think you or a loved one would benefit from miracle fruit then please feel free to call us or visit our online store today. Berries are picked, packed, and shipped fresh daily.